I am known as Baroness Asta knarrarbringa in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I am a retired territorial Baroness of Hidden Mountain and now a resident of the Barony of Black Diamond in the Kingdom of Atlantia. My interests are based in being an organizer by nature. I love to do behind the scenes work that most people do not even know is done. I love organizing events and field spaces the most! While camping I can be found around a campfire cooking; I love using period spices and baking breads over an open fire. 

This is the start of my website where I will share with you my adventures and lessons learned. Biggest lesson learned while making this website--document everything! Take more pictures! & Have more fun!

Where I Can Be Found

August 2018- Pennsic Pity Party, Elchenburg Castle

August 2018- Gardens of Thyme, Elchenburg Castle

September 2018- Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday, Elchenburg Castle

September 2018- Fall University, Windmaster's Hill

October 2018- Fall Coronation, Bennettsville, SC

October 2018- War of the Wings, Elchenburg Castle


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